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Data for Small Businesses

The financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to weigh heavily on America’s small businesses. Utilizing data analytics is one course of action small businesses can take in order to boost efficiency in 2021. It is also a point of encouragement for those considering creating a business. Raw data can be synthesized in order to provide clear-cut information about overall consumption habits around the world. A recent increase in e-commerce makes this information exceedingly more valuable to small business owners. In this sense, data refers to the information gathered from in-person and online sales, social media responses, and website traffic. It is important for small businesses to take note of this data in order to adapt to the ever growing e-commerce world of today. Consumers have become accustomed to the ease of online shopping and interaction, a trend that is likely to continue. Prospective business owners should see this as another reason to jump into the game now. If you're thinking about starting a business or always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, contact our firm. Our firm can discuss your options with you and ensure you get your business off to a great and legal start. To see the services we offer, please visit our website.

Data has only become more accessible to small-business owners, and will soon allow the same information previously held only by big businesses to be shared with anyone interested in gathering it. This is promising news for anyone considering creating their own small business. There are many platforms available for business owners to utilize and track their website traffic or social media engagement with. As these tools have become more sought after, the prices of such applications have decreased significantly. In the midst of a digital boom, it is now a great time for businesses to explore the ins and outs of data analytics.

Data can be used to monitor one’s own business, examine that of others, and develop business strategies supported by the information gathered. For example, business owners can look at where, how, and when consumers are visiting their website. This allows businesses to predict the circumstances under which the public would be most likely to seek their services or purchase from them, and make adjustments in the way they choose to market or organize their businesses. Creating business plans can be simplified and made efficient by using the correct data. A 2018 Linkedin report revealed that a majority of companies around the world are using data to improve their hiring process in terms of predicting hiring candidates’ success and increasing retention. It is evident that data can be used to improve nearly all aspects of business.

While it may seem intimidating, being able to take advantage of data analytics is becoming more realistic for small business owners and is guaranteed to reduce time wasted on ineffective decisions. A list of analytics solutions examples can be found here. With even more digital tools at your disposal, now is a great time to start that business you've been thinking about—and we are here to help! Enlisting the assistance of an attorney will afford you and your ideas the proper protection and direction.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions concerning your business ideas, from Trademarks to partnership formation. Please feel free to contact Attorney Christina Simpson, Esq. here.

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