How can I protect my idea?!

Say you developed this amazing new and innovative product? Or came up with a unique business name? Developed a new formula? Wrote this amazing piece of work? You’ve spent countless hours, time, energy and money into your product, design, art work, to have someone copy your work or steal would be devastating. How can you prevent this from happening? Several ways. The first way you can protect your idea depends on what category of intellectual property (IP) it falls into.

Trade Dress Infringement: Converse

An Iconic Brand: Chuck Taylor All Stars It was right here in Malden, MA where Converse dug its heels in American history. Due to the success of the charismatic salesman, Charles ‘Chuck’ H Taylor, the company began selling their All-Star high-topped sneakers under the Chuck Taylor signature mark in 1917. For a period of time, Converse’s Chuck Taylor All-Stars were known to be the official shoe of the National Basketball Association (NBA). These high-tops transformed from an at