Small Businesses and COVID-19

I do not believe there is a single person in the United States who has not been affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing and reminders to wear masks in public have quickly become normal. We have watched thousands of businesses close, millions of people are out of work, and trillions of dollars have been spent to help American people and businesses weather the shutdown. According to a study by researchers at the University of Illinois, Harvard Business Schoo

What is a Partnership?

Partner up! No this is not a Sadie Hawkins Dance or the time to bust out some partner conditioning exercises in the gym. It’s time to invest in a business opportunity. We’ve learned how to pick partners since grade school. Sometimes it was as easy as just locking eyes with person next to you. Well in the business world, a lot more factors go into choosing the right person. Once you found your business soul mate, brainstorm sessions start churning and new venture ideas become

The Shutdown Continues: Your Company and the Shutdown (January 2019)

28 Days Later. Four weeks after a mysterious, incurable virus spreads throughout the US, a handful of survivors try to find sanctuary. Sorry, wrong story. 28 days later and we are now are entering into the fifth week of the partial government shutdown. Our world may not be inhabited with zombie-like humans but this shutdown is bringing consequences. Even for private companies this is not something to ignore. This partial shutdown comes as a result of the disagreement over all

What is a Sole Proprietorship?

You are an entrepreneur. You came up with a business idea and you went for it. If you haven’t figured it out by now, you will soon understand that one of the first steps in becoming a business owner is deciding how to run your company. Will you have employees? Managers? Or is it best you ride solo for a little while? How you run your company influences how your business is structured – and how your business is structured influences who will be personally liable for taxes, com

What Is A Work Made For Hire?

Copyright protects original works of authorship. You or your company may be undertaking projects that will result in copyrightable work. Computer software, sound recordings, photographs, graphic designs? These all may be copyrightable, allowing you as the owner to profit off of the creativity. Maybe you want to sell your creative products or even license the right to use them. Your right to do so will depend on who owns the copyright in the work. You may have put your whole h

Independent Contractors: Who Are You?

Are you having a worker identity crisis? Is it unclear if you are an employee of the company or an independent contractor? Sure you may go to work in the same building as the company’s employees, hang out by the same water cooler, maybe even steal a few brownies from the free food table, but that alone doesn’t mean you are an employee. Knowing your worker identity -- employee or independent contractor -- is something you should figure out before signing an employment contract

Employment Contracts 101: Signed, Sealed, Delivered... I’m Yours!

Congratulations! You’ve received a job offer and plan to accept employment at the company of your dreams – OR maybe you are an employer who, after reading through dozens of applications and conducting tiresome interviews, finally found the right person to do the job. Whatever the case, you have come to that final stage in the hiring process: making the employer-employee relationship official. One way to do this is by signing an employment contract. EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS: WHAT